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Confidently comply with labour laws and regulations

Confidently comply with labour laws and regulations

avoid going to the CCMAWin your cases at the CCMA and avoid going to the CCMA

Labour Relations ActEasily understand the Labour Relations Act and Employment

      Equity Act

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To win your CCMA cases and avoid going to the CCMA you need to be aware of ever-changing labour legislation and ensure all your decisions regarding your   employees are legally sound.

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Our mission is simple: To help solve all your labour law and personnel worries with tips and advice from South Africa’s top labour and human resources experts. We cover absenteeism, poor work performance and threats about being taken to the CCMA…and much more.

In every issue we‘ll give you the information you need to stay on top of important labour deadlines and safeguard your rights as an employer. You’ll receive simple actionable tips and advice that are easy to understand and will take you just minutes to read.

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‘Labour Relations Amendment Act’

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PSJoin the thousands of readers that rely on the Labour Bulletin today, practical tips and advice on labour law and HR. Here is what one reader has to say:

“Thank you for a great newsletter. Not only does the newsletter provide me with ample tips and advice about labour relations, but it also acts as a reminder regarding submission of EE and Workplace Skills reports, as well as the annual Workman’s Compensations assessments.

Keep up the good work!”

Mariana van Aswegen – Human Resources Professional

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